Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Thin Red Line and other War Movies

Am watching The Thin Red Line as I write this. This has to be one of my favourite war movies. I haven't finished yet but its so moving and thoughtful.

It highlights the chaos of war on both sides. The psyche breakdown, the difficult decisions of officer, and of course death all around that comes seemingly randomly, sparing also randomly.

It highlights a lot of birds too from parrots to raptors. There's beauty in nature amid the horrors of war.

Its poetic in its narration of war.

Its heartbreaking from the betrayal of a loved one who could not wait for the return of her husband whom constantly thinks of her during the most intense of fighting.

Ironically, the protagonist found peace, among the aborigines of the island. Oblivious to the surrounding conflict that engulfed the world at the time.

Sure I still enjoy Zombie Flicks but War Movies are definitely my favourite genre.

Others that I enjoy:

Shit crazy film. Especially the attack on the village with choppers under full blare of "The Flight of the Valkyries" just for a good surf!

4 SEALS getting as kicked by the Talibans? Best modern war movies so far.

Nothing beats the visceral opening of the Normandy invasion.

World War II movie by Quentin Tarrantino? Expect violence and absurdity!

Another modern war-flick, this time Iraq. About one man's addiction to near death situation.


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