Monday, July 18, 2011


Back in Singapore on a debate tour. I followed my fellow debators jalan2. That's when they went around in circles, testing if I would follow.

I did.

I felt a bit embarrassed. Little Zaim couldn't do things on his own.

Fuck that.

I took the MRT to the science museum.

That's how my Ronin travels began...

Now I travel on my own to most places. Armed with a credit card, my own income, and an adventure spirit, I organize my own trips whenever I can usually alone. Sometimes when nobody else around, you feel like you have your own time and you can do things at your own leisure without pressure.

Though I do hope for a travel partner to come join me soon. There's just too much in this world to explore, to venture, to experience... Best done in pairs. And Ronin no more.


Friday, July 8, 2011

Prayer - Before stepping out the door...


O' Allah my lord

Please guide my feet so I walk on a straight path and towards goodness
and not towards ruin
Please guide my hands so that it helps to heal
and not to destroy
Please set my eyes straight on my goal
and not on anything vulgar
Please let my speech sooth
and not hurt
Please let me hear good news
and close out the unpleasant ones
Please clear my mind
and guide me in the choices I make



So what's up world?

Besides birds, I haven't been keeping up with the lastest news on Malaysia. Or the world.

Waiting for my subscribed The Economists. Any difference or just wasted?

I need to start focusing. This isn't the best time to not be the best.

Must life be routine? Work, bird, sleep, repeat. I'm missing a lot of things here. I know I am. I am keeping my own self locked up and bound. I hold the key to freedom yet I am just too lazy to unlock myself and my potential.

Ramblings wouldn't do much right?

Today: Peripheral Nerves.