Monday, October 4, 2010

Never Ending

Convocation's suppose to mark the end of studies. The grandeur of the ceremony, the preparations, the number of family members coming over to take millions of pictures with you wearing your graduation robe, the announcement of your name, makes it all sounds like it the end of everything. Life will be rosy here on.


For me I started working before my convocation, and I have been exposed to the difficulties of the working life.

It's not the end. It's only the beginning.

But maybe this is the opportunity to celebrate. For in today's world, a degree means between moderate living and poverty. How small a gap. So perhaps my graduation should be celebrated. Perhaps I should be grateful.

For I am the product of my parents, the friends I meet, the teachers whom have taught me diligently, the strangers I chat with, the patients I met, dying and dead, the electronic media I have been exposed to. My success in graduating marks their success. It is a celebration for them.

Only its not over.

And where I go from now on is still a product of various factors around me. We are a product of an intricate system so complex that it is impossibly beyond our understanding. There's always that small nail on the road, the one that can either cause a flat tire, a highway pile-up, or nothing. These small factors may make a whole lot of difference in where we end up. The people we meet may make or break where we want to be.

Thanks Allah. Thanks everybody. For without, I am naught. And here on I shall continue to be a success.