Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Still in the Womb

I just read an excerpt from an article by Malik Badri which conincides with my "favourite posting", O&G. Thought I'd share my thoughts which was actually his.

Look at your umbilicus. Remember what it once was?

Our plug. Our life support

We started in our mothers womb (Bless our mothers), connected to her for nutrients, waste dumping, oxygen, metabolic regulations. We were dependant, parasites living in our own cramped cozy world. While we were in the womb, we never knew what was out there. I suppose that's why we cry the time we come out, because we are scared and unfamiliar with this new life.

Now is not that different.

We still are in a womb. The world we live in is the uterus, the vessel, our body we live in is our placenta, connected by an invisible plug.

We are still dependant.

While we are here, we don't know what's in the next world when the plug is pulled. Then our vessels will be shed, useless, buried. Then we will journey to the next in which the outcome depends on what our lives before is like.

The moment we indulge and forget about Allah, He will make us forget about the next world and the purpose of life in this world we live in. Nauzubillah that does not happen to us.

Our plugs can be pulled at any time. When Khiamat (Judgement Day) comes, it will be like a uterine rupture only a zillion times worst..

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Birthday Wishes and Current Status

Hi Guys,

First of all thanks to dad for the broadband and my bros for coming all the way to bring it here. Aku cam malas nak go shopping and bli satu. So this is indeed a convenience.

So Im back Online!!!

I dont normally celebrate birthdays but this is a record for me in receiving birthday wishes. Tqs guys.

How have I been? Ill try to sum it up.

KK, Sabah is a very nice place to live in. I really really am considering to stay here long term depending on several factors. That is how much KK has an impression on me.

Work wise however is a bit different. The first few weeks especially during tagging I was in depression mode. I didnt know what to do and started to doubt my choice of doing medicine and even considered quitting. It is that stressful or at least for me. But now I kinda get the hang of a few stuff working has become not only tolerable but fun in some cases. I try to keep myself updated by studying online and getting to know interesting cases to share with my other colleague across the sea. KK, Sabah is a hot bed for interesting cases. Here eclampsia is common, and abruption happens everyday. Goiters are so damn huge! And the number of birth per months here is extravagant! last month the hospital broke record of over 1000 over birth. Not sure about other hospitals but it was crazy here.

It's not all work life. Still watch movies, read novels, and go brdwatching and pretty soon outdoors. Sabah provide that kind of opportunity to river raft, jungle trek, caving, or just relax on an island or whatever.

With Allah's blessing Ill try to be the best I can over here and achieve all that I sort to achieve. Right now at this level I am aware that I am weak in many ways when it comes to work and other things but I shall try to improve.

Am not coming back for Raya, though I am coming back for convocation in early October for a few days.

Again thanks guys. Hope to keep in touch!