Saturday, December 12, 2009

Always a second chance...

Sometimes (actly alot of times), you screw-up something, you hesitate, and your window close. There are even times when you KNOW what your about to do will cause regrets later on. But humans being lustful creatures hava hard time suppressing whatever beastly drive they have inside themselves despite knowing that what their about to do is only detrimental to themselves..

And during these times, you just need God to intervene.

And alot of times He does. Example: making you late to catch that train, your Internet disconnecting on you, you car breaks down, you're called to do something else, someone crahes in on you that you just hadto stop watever evil deeds ur about to do.

When these things happens, you need to be grateful for these events and take that opporunity to gather your mind and look back at that folly you're about to commit.

Biggest folly if you waste that second chance... And by then, nobody to blame but .


I hope nobody reads this one. Better come up with another post to bury this one.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tribute to Dr. Rafidah and Dr. Nora

I didn't really do justice with the farewell speech last Friday.

It was too impromptu (like I would've prepared given more time :p ).

Here's a better script:

Assalamualaikum wrt,

I am indeed very much honoured to be given the opportunity to give a farewell speech to both Asst. Prof. Dr. Rafidah Hanim Mokhtar and Asst. Prof. Dr. Nora Mat Zin who have both been very dear teachers throughout my medical school. Both have contributed a lot to my own personal developement in this school as I am sure have they been for others as well.

Some of the personal contributions Dr Rafidah made for me:
- Physiology teacher, especially in renal physiology (still a blur to me :p), as well as the cerebellar function.
- Mentor during my 1st year.
- Advisor for the Ummatic Week in my first year (I was holding the director position).
- Trainer and organizer for the Physiology quiz I and my colleagues participated that brought us to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
- And being a good advisor and counsellor for the extra-curricular marriage course.

And Dr Nora:
- Helped us to go all the way to Singapore for the AUDC debate championship (well, Kak Mi yang bawak the matriculation group but that was when I knew Dr. Nora, or rather when she KNEW [psychiatrically] me).
- Been my personal psychiatrist and advisor (although I still haven't gotten my meds :p )
- All the psychiatric lectures (sexual disorders the most interesting, as well as childhood psychiatric disorders).
- Bringing us to court to watch her proceeding with a case.

As a presentative to not only my batch, the 9th batch of IIUM Medical graduates, but also representing my junior batches as well, I would like to congratulate and bid farewell to both doctors for their outstanding contributions to students and the IIUM medical faculty. IIUM is very much honoured to have such wonderful individuals to help nuture future doctors and contribute towards the vision and mission of the university as well as to the rise of the Ummah. It is unfortunate indeed that both are unable to continue their contributions here in IIUM.

I would like to thank both doctors and hope that they shall pray for our success as we shall surely pray for theirs in whatever they pursuit, which is no doubt for the beneficience of the Ummah. May Allah bless all their efforts and their family. Though, far they may be, I am very confident that both doctors will not forget us and will gladly lend a hand when their counsel is sought in the future.

Thank you.

Ok, mebe not better but hope that'll do.