Sunday, September 21, 2014

ReLaX a BiT @ Al Fresco Sutera Magellan

Plus for KK Sabah. Waterfront nearby with sea, wind and sky!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

War There... Peace here... War Within...

I live in a State of peace
Despite ulgy press release
Of plane shot down
Or one not found
But still I am at peace.

Now is Hari Raya
Fireworks for orang kaya
Israel has Iron Dome
Airstrikes on Palestinian homes
In a land with endless fire.

How is it that I can fare
To live without a care?
If things were different
I might not be indifferent
Then I would prepare.

But my heart is set in stone
With many wrongs to atone
I have a war within
To correct my sins
A fight that's mine alone.

The Thin Red Line and other War Movies

Am watching The Thin Red Line as I write this. This has to be one of my favourite war movies. I haven't finished yet but its so moving and thoughtful.

It highlights the chaos of war on both sides. The psyche breakdown, the difficult decisions of officer, and of course death all around that comes seemingly randomly, sparing also randomly.

It highlights a lot of birds too from parrots to raptors. There's beauty in nature amid the horrors of war.

Its poetic in its narration of war.

Its heartbreaking from the betrayal of a loved one who could not wait for the return of her husband whom constantly thinks of her during the most intense of fighting.

Ironically, the protagonist found peace, among the aborigines of the island. Oblivious to the surrounding conflict that engulfed the world at the time.

Sure I still enjoy Zombie Flicks but War Movies are definitely my favourite genre.

Others that I enjoy:

Shit crazy film. Especially the attack on the village with choppers under full blare of "The Flight of the Valkyries" just for a good surf!

4 SEALS getting as kicked by the Talibans? Best modern war movies so far.

Nothing beats the visceral opening of the Normandy invasion.

World War II movie by Quentin Tarrantino? Expect violence and absurdity!

Another modern war-flick, this time Iraq. About one man's addiction to near death situation.


Saturday, March 1, 2014


I brought Zirah to Dalit beach today. The beach was soft, sandy white although there were some moored jellyfishes on the shore, foreigners wading, laughing, and a nearby wedding proceeding. The sky blue. Cloudless. It hasn't rained for the past few days.

The stage was set. I expected a sunset, and it was a spectacular sight indeed..and a terrifying one.

The sun literally sank into the vastness of the ocean. It only took a bit more than a minute before the brilliant orange light cease to be for the day.. There was still a bit of light afterwards. I half expected total sudden darkness, as if switching off the lights at home. I expected sudden coldness, as if the warmth at the fire place was suddenly extinguished.

People crowded the beach, camera phones out, doing the same thing we did, taking evidence of God's marvel. Will people do the same when the sun is out for good? Sure for now we expect it to come back the next day. What if it didn't?

Eternal darkness? The world freezes? Climates change? What would become of us then?

Saturday, May 26, 2012

50 Shades of Darkness

Curiosity kills the cat.

Sometimes the soul. Our soul.

And there are killers out there who kills morality, right-wrongs, humanity. Their murder weapon is the pen. and camera.

Sex sells. Proof? Thousands of romance novels sold either in Borders or those stores that sell them for RM 5 each. Porn on the internet. Forget the obvious. Our televisions and movies are infiltrated with sex-motivated images. Madonna's video-clips on 'girl gone wild' depicts men to men action and man-dancers dancing in heels. What da fuck! Just watch Lady Gaga and you get the picture. And this is shown in MTV to the access of everybody and anybody to be mind-warped! Then we have 'soft' novels selling 'hardcore' shit. In the rave 50 Shades trilogy, the selling point is an innocent (at first) lady wrapped in BDSM. Something of a curiosity at first but may later become acceptance. Just like same-sex marriages. My heart pounds, curious to read and find out what the book contains. But my heart pounds faster, fearing I would enter a Pandora's box and might be influenced.

Same as that time when your heart pounds when you saw your first naked lady on the Internet or in Playboy mags. Then it becomes a habit.

Same as when you make that first move to grab a chocolate bar at the grocery, then comes kleptomania.

And slowly... we lose our humanity... enter animal kingdom.

Yeap, curiosity can kill. Better be safe.

What an innocent book cover. Neck-tie, mask and cuffs. All the sexy stuff!


Monday, February 27, 2012

Rambles: I Am

Where's that spot?
Shining ray of orange
Darkness no more
A guide, a path

Sound of light
Silent but true
Catch me in your warmth

Fall across the roads
Find the signs
Get back and find
What was lost

A slice
Searing pain
Get hurt then see

I see
I reach
I grasp
I am.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


I'm awake, in a dream,
Clouded, serene,
Silence immense,
Senses intense.

Attempts to resist,
Made temptations increase,
Drawn into the abyss
Of blind sinful bliss

I'm afflicted, addicted,
To words inscripted,
Lost in swirling madness,
Cycling round, vicious.

Guide me out, I wanna go
Back to myself, I once know
Open my eyes to see
The person I ought to be.