Saturday, May 26, 2012

50 Shades of Darkness

Curiosity kills the cat.

Sometimes the soul. Our soul.

And there are killers out there who kills morality, right-wrongs, humanity. Their murder weapon is the pen. and camera.

Sex sells. Proof? Thousands of romance novels sold either in Borders or those stores that sell them for RM 5 each. Porn on the internet. Forget the obvious. Our televisions and movies are infiltrated with sex-motivated images. Madonna's video-clips on 'girl gone wild' depicts men to men action and man-dancers dancing in heels. What da fuck! Just watch Lady Gaga and you get the picture. And this is shown in MTV to the access of everybody and anybody to be mind-warped! Then we have 'soft' novels selling 'hardcore' shit. In the rave 50 Shades trilogy, the selling point is an innocent (at first) lady wrapped in BDSM. Something of a curiosity at first but may later become acceptance. Just like same-sex marriages. My heart pounds, curious to read and find out what the book contains. But my heart pounds faster, fearing I would enter a Pandora's box and might be influenced.

Same as that time when your heart pounds when you saw your first naked lady on the Internet or in Playboy mags. Then it becomes a habit.

Same as when you make that first move to grab a chocolate bar at the grocery, then comes kleptomania.

And slowly... we lose our humanity... enter animal kingdom.

Yeap, curiosity can kill. Better be safe.

What an innocent book cover. Neck-tie, mask and cuffs. All the sexy stuff!


Monday, February 27, 2012

Rambles: I Am

Where's that spot?
Shining ray of orange
Darkness no more
A guide, a path

Sound of light
Silent but true
Catch me in your warmth

Fall across the roads
Find the signs
Get back and find
What was lost

A slice
Searing pain
Get hurt then see

I see
I reach
I grasp
I am.