Saturday, March 1, 2014


I brought Zirah to Dalit beach today. The beach was soft, sandy white although there were some moored jellyfishes on the shore, foreigners wading, laughing, and a nearby wedding proceeding. The sky blue. Cloudless. It hasn't rained for the past few days.

The stage was set. I expected a sunset, and it was a spectacular sight indeed..and a terrifying one.

The sun literally sank into the vastness of the ocean. It only took a bit more than a minute before the brilliant orange light cease to be for the day.. There was still a bit of light afterwards. I half expected total sudden darkness, as if switching off the lights at home. I expected sudden coldness, as if the warmth at the fire place was suddenly extinguished.

People crowded the beach, camera phones out, doing the same thing we did, taking evidence of God's marvel. Will people do the same when the sun is out for good? Sure for now we expect it to come back the next day. What if it didn't?

Eternal darkness? The world freezes? Climates change? What would become of us then?

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